Ketamine For Depression: Atlanta Clinic Offers Hope

Atlanta, Georgia - Many people wonder if it is safe to use ketamine for depression. Atlanta-based Complete Ketamine Solutions says yes, and the ketamine clinic also explains that the drug may be combined with NAD therapy for amazing results.

With a 4.9-star rating out of nearly 100 reviews, Complete Ketamine Solutions stands by these stats:

Ketamine infusions offer over 80% efficacy rate. Normal antidepressants offer a 45% efficacy rate and many side effects, making Ketamine a better option. Complete Ketamine Solutions has performed over 6,000 Ketamine infusions. The weekly average of ketamine infusions completed across all Complete Ketamine Solutions locations over 200+ infusions.

According to clinicians at Complete Ketamine Solutions, each treatment works differently. NAD infusion therapy utilizes the power of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide to help the human body increase defenses against aging and other degradation. NAD infusion treatments act synergistically with ketamine to offer relief for various symptoms of anxiety, addiction, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, ALS, and PTSD. Ketamine for depression is safe when used in conjunction with NAD therapy and is also known as one of the only anesthetic medications not to have a negative effect on the respiratory or circulatory systems.

As a ketamine clinic in Atlanta, Complete Ketamine Solutions offers both NAD infusion treatment and ketamine infusion therapy.

About NAD

This therapy involves infusing the body with NAD, which is naturally found in every cell. A few of the many benefits include:

Anti-Aging. The aging process affects people in different ways. However, an increase of free radicals perpetuates the body's decline, which often develops in numbers higher than the body can create antioxidants to fight them. NAD therapy may be able to reverse the body's production of free radicals and, therefore, slow the physical signs of aging. Improved cognitive function. Individuals seeking ketamine therapy in Atlanta to treat emotional conditions might also wish to ask about NAD infusion therapy. NAD is known to help boost energy levels and improve cognitive function. Each of these effects can help improve patients mood by making them more mentally ready to battle the effects of depression and anxiety. Addiction recovery. For people who have become addicted to narcotic painkillers but are in recovery, a combination of low-dose ketamine therapy and NAD administered from a professional, licensed ketamine clinic in Atlanta may perfectly complement their addiction recovery. Because ketamine reduces a person's physical reliance on painkillers, people addicted to these drugs and many others may find relief without the risk of relapse. NAD And Ketamine Therapy Are Safe

According to the staff at the ketamine clinic, Atlanta residents can safely receive NAD and ketamine infusion therapy. There are a few side effects some people may experience. These can include nausea, bruising at the site of injection, headache, and dizziness. During a session, patients are monitored by a qualified health care clinician, and any side effects experienced are addressed and managed on-site.

Patients that visit Complete Ketamine Solutions for ketamine infusions can expect a safe, calm, and non-judgmental environment. Those worried about addiction can rest easy as well, as ketamine therapy is not known to produce drug dependence. Just as important, the office is open until 7 PM daily, and patients may schedule appointments on Saturday as well.


According to Complete Ketamine Solutions, the company promises affordable ketamine infusion therapy. Furthermore, new patients may receive a free consultation, where they can discuss financing options with an experienced staff member. Cash, checks, debit cards, and credit cards are also accepted. Complete Ketamine Solutions offers a refund if ketamine therapy does not meet a patient's expectations and they aren't able to complete the full series.

Complete Ketamine Solutions of Atlanta offers ketamine infusions to treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic inflammation. Complete Ketamine Solutions promises to provide relief as an affordable Ketamine Infusion option. A very small portion (less than 1%) of their patients may find their first experience with ketamine to be overly challenging. But after 6,000 successful infusions, they have a proven process to nurture patients through first experiences and are always happy to provide a refund if a patient finds their ketamine experience doesn't meet expectations and they are unable to complete the entire series. Visit the website for more information or to book a free consultation.

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