Pine Island residents recount horror, fear as Ian bore down

Paramedics and volunteers with a group that rescues people after natural disasters went door to door Saturday on Florida's devastated Pine Island, offering to evacuate residents who spoke of the terror of riding out Hurricane Ian in flooded homes and howling winds.
The largest barrier island off Florida’s Gulf Coast, Pine Island has been largely cut off from the outside world.
Ian heavily damaged the only bridge to the island, leaving it only reachable by boat or air.
For many, the volunteers from the non-profit Medic Corps were the first people they have seen from outside the island in days.
Residents described the horror of being trapped in their homes as water kept rising.
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DEMOCRATS BLAMING CLIMATE CHANGE FOR HURRICANE IAN AT ODDS WITH SCIENCE, EXPERTS SAYSome residents shed tears as Medic Corps volunteers came to their doors and asked if they wanted to be evacuated on Saturday.
Her husband, Paul Koch, stayed behind with the other dogs, and planned to leave the isolated island on a second trip.
HURRICANE IAN IN FLORIDA SPURS FRANTIC MESSAGES ABOUT MISSING LOVED ONES AND WRECKED HOMESPine Island has long been known for its quiet, small-town atmosphere and mangrove trees.
The Medic Corps volunteers went to one house to search for a woman who was known to have stayed behind during the storm and has had no contact with her friends since.
Water kept rising."
Medic Corps is a nonprofit group of pilots, paramedics, doctors, a Navy SEAL and other volunteers that responds to natural disasters and gets people to safety.