Biden's proposed Title IX rewrite was bombarded with public comments: What comes next?

It was a record number of comments received for a rulemaking by the Department of Education, but has left many parents wondering: What comes next?
"Once the federal comment period closes, then the Department of Education has an obligation to review all the comments that were submitted.
BETSY DEVOS: BIDEN'S PROPOSED TITLE IX RE-WRITE FAILS THE TESTThe sheer number of comments submitted about this regulation underscore the significance of the change, Neily argued.
BIDEN'S CONTROVERSIAL TITLE IX RULE BOMBARDED WITH RECORD NUMBER OF COMMENTS FROM CONCERNED PARENTSThe public will not know what is in the final Title IX rule are until it is announced from the Department of Education, but analysts are speculating of what may be included.
They are an example of government overreach and a redefinition of Title IX that will have wide-ranging harms to female athletes, to parents, to students, to professors."
"Unfortunately, it does seem that the Biden administration is bent on inserting its gender ideology across the board and including in Title IX," Kiefer added.
CBS NEWS RIPPED FOR PROMOTING STUDY SAYING GENDER SURGERY FOR 14-YEAR-OLDS 'IMPROVES' THEIR LIVESUntil the department completes the rulemaking process, Neily noted that the new Title IX rule has not been implemented.
But, Neily said, districts across the country are "preemptively starting to make assertions about their obligations under Title IX."
Eitel also emphasized that any new Republican presidential administration would likely re-write the Title IX rules to undo some of the Biden administration’s changes.
"We can refer to this as soft of whiplash rulemaking … it reflects a lack of consensus around what Title IX does," he said.
GEORGIA MOM AND SUBSTITUTE TEACHER FILES LAWSUIT AFTER BEING FIRED OVER RELIGIOUS BELIEFSTrump highlighted the confusion surrounding the constantly changing Title IX rules for both K-12 institutions and higher ed.
The Department of Education proposed new Title IX regulations earlier this summer, which included gender identity in the law’s protections.