Traumatized and afraid, Jenin residents are still reeling from Israeli raid

Minutes later, Israeli soldiers rammed down his door and burst through his apartment.
“They spread through the house in seconds,” 29-year-old al-Hayja told CNN.
The remains of the building targeted by Israeli forces in Jenin, pictured on February 2, 2023.
Vasco Cotovio/CNNTen Palestinians were killed in Jenin, including an elderly woman, according to Palestinian officials.
Israeli soldiers had removed one of his couches and set up a firing position by the window to provide cover for their units engaging Palestinian gunmen nearby.
Using apartments like al-Hayja’s to provide cover fire is “standard operating procedure,” a spokesman for the Israeli military told CNN.
Al-Hayja showed CNN a bag of spent bullet casings he says the Israeli soldiers left behind.
He later found out that Israeli soldiers had mounted a second firing position in his bedroom.
Down below, lies the building targeted by Israeli soldiers.
Abdel-Rahman Macharqa, a paramedic in Jenin, told CNN that he unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate one of the victims on January 26.
“They [Israeli soldiers] have fired at me five times,” Macharqa said.
At the time, during the second intifada, Israeli forces occupied the camp, destroying around 400 homes.