Insurance Navy Brokers Publishes Car Questions And Answers

Palos Hills, Illinois -

Chicago, Illinois based Insurance Navy Brokers is reaching out to share their new car-related questions page. The insurance agency provides non-standard auto insurance and other financial products and services, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and roadside assistance, to clients across the United States.

The new page serves as a portal that answers many car-centric questions that are answered by the company’s experts. These questions cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to test driving cars, wearing AirPods while driving, engine swaps, car loans, insurance, and more. According to the company, the purpose of the page is to educate car owners across the country on the various topics that may be pertinent to them.

Answering a question about fixing scratched tinted windows, the company says, “Scratched windows, tinted or not, can be meddlesome to fix if you’re not sure what to do. But some scratches can be small and easy enough to handle yourself at home. The key to getting scratches off a tinted window is removing the tint film itself. Here is how you do it. Cut around the scratched area with a razor to remove the scratched film from your window. From there, wash it with water and further remove any damaged tint film along with any glue or adhesive. If you have more tint film, then you can apply a replacement fragment over the cut area.”

The company also answers a question about whether the USAA refinances car loans in the same page. Insurance Navy writes, “As it would happen, refinancing car loans is one of the many services that USAA offers to its members. They also make the process extremely easy and brief. All you need on your end is the following information and documents pertaining to the cart loan you wish to refinance. You’ll need your employer’s information and proof of income, car information like VIN, odometer reading, and a 10-day payoff amount in addition to your original loan information like the lender, number, and APR. The online application can be accessed directly through USAA’s website. After going through the application, USAA will run a credit check inquiry. No worries; this is a speedy process too. There are also some benefits that come with refinancing a car loan with them. There are no prepayment penalties, hidden fees, and any other payments for up to two months after refinancing. Their interest rates are also praised by their members.”

According to Insurance Navy Brokers, while it may seem simple or obvious to some, many across the country have important car questions that they may find it difficult to locate the answers for. With their brand new page, the company is hoping to make it easy for car owners across the United States to find the answers to these questions.

Insurance Navy’s commitment to their clients has earned them sterling reviews from their users. Chris S. says in his five star review, “I've had car insurance with Insurance Navy for a few years now. Every employee that I have had the pleasure to interact with has always treated me with above and beyond customer service. It seems like they love their work, and they care about helping the client get the best auto insurance rate possible! I love that the downtown location is only a 10-minute walk for me.”

In another five star review, Justin A. writes, “I came in today for insurance, I had questions and needed help, and Ruby answered them all and made sure I understood everything and there was no confusion about anything. Would definitely recommend a friend if they needed insurance as I am sure she would treat them with the same respect and assistance she had given me. Definitely referring to others!”

To learn more about Insurance Navy Brokers, interested parties are encouraged to go to their official website. The website allows a form through which users can request a free quote or contact the company for further assistance. Insurance Navy also maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.


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