Granite Pointe Eye Care Adopts “All of the Above Approach” for Myopia Management

Roseville, California -

Roseville, CA 6/1/23 – Granite Pointe Eye Care’s myopia management program is heavily focused on the unique needs of each patient and the severity of their myopia, lifestyle, and more. This approach, known as the “All of The Above Approach,” is at the center of how Dr. Ralph Baker, Dr. Frances Leung, and Dr. Alyssa Matsuo accommodate and treat myopia patients at Granite Pointe Eye Care.

“Not a lot of other practices are taking the ‘All of the Above Approach’ like Granite Pointe Eye Care is doing with its patient base,” said Dr. Leung. “Our care focuses on the specific needs of the child as we work to slow the progression of their myopia. For instance, for a child who doesn't want to give up their daily activities, we may prescribe corneal refractive therapy lenses to reshape the eye's frontal surface while the patient is sleeping, so they can play sports or go through their day without wearing corrective lenses.”

Depending on the severity of the patient’s myopia, Granite Pointe Eye Care’s optometrists can also incorporate MiSight™ 1 day lenses and atropine drops. MiSight™ 1 day contact lenses are ideal for patients between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. These lenses are worn throughout the day and provide vision correction for nearsightedness while also slowing myopia’s progression.

Another option for myopia control, low-dose atropine eye drops, are a safe and effective way for patients to reduce their eye strain and slow the progression of myopia. They’re often paired with other forms of myopia management and are administered once at night (or at the same time every day).

“At Granite Pointe Eye Care, we use cutting-edge technology to deliver the best results without the hassle,” said Dr. Matsuo. “For instance, we prefer using ultrasound equipment like Lenstar and the Eye Surface Profiler to detect and analyze myopia because it’s a no-contact and non-invasive test. Most of the patients we see for myopia management are understandably nervous or anxious, and it’s important for us to make them as comfortable as possible when treating them.”

Lenstar is an instrument that’s used for the early detection of myopia. In a single procedure, Granite Pointe Eye Care professionals can obtain a complete assessment of a patient’s eyes to better predict the progression of their myopia and adjust their treatment accordingly. The Eye Surface Profiler provides a full and accurate readout of the eye's surface, and it helps Granite Pointe Eye Care’s doctors find the best-fitting lens options for their patients.

Due to significant increase of myopia cases, Dr. Baker and the Granite Pointe Eye Care team would like to start treating children before they enter kindergarten. Working closely with Dr. Jeffrey Walline from The Ohio State University, who has been at the forefront of myopia management research and led several pediatric contact lenses studies, Dr. Baker has become devoted to early detection and prompt treatment of the condition.

“We have all the pieces of the puzzle to give every child the most comprehensive and effective myopia management treatment in the country,” said Dr. Baker. “It's a two-pronged approach: treat kids before their myopia worsens and make sure it doesn't progress further in adults.”

Dr. Baker has had many patients over the years who have personally thanked him for giving them their "life back" because of his dedication to finding a solution to the problems they face. He takes the same approach to myopia management.

Dr. Baker, Dr. Leung, Dr. Matsuo, and the Granite Pointe Eye Care team are now accepting new patients for their myopia management program at its office in Roseville, CA.

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