Forensic SEO Expert Speaking at SEO Rockstars Conference

Forensic SEO expert, SEO researcher and host of the weekly podcast “Confessions of An SEO”, Carolyn Holzman is appearing as speaker at the upcoming 2022 SEO Rockstars taking place in Dallas, Texas on November 10 - 12.

Her presentation will be entitled “Applied Forensic SEO - A New to Me Site”.

“This topic is born out of my practical experience when acquiring a new or agency client where a troubled website’s history is unknown (or no one wants to own up to it), so where do we begin?” replied Holzman.

Forensic SEO is a practice using a process of elimination, to isolate the factor(s) that may be the cause of why a site they control is not performing well in search results. It can also expand into investigating what is performing well on a competitor’s site that is out-performing theirs.

Continued Holzman, “Most of the time in consulting I’m answering the question why does this other site outrank mine. And when I do agency work, more often then not, I’m given an underperforming, established site without a documented history. I’m handed search console and google analytics access to the new site(s) and a mandate to make it perform better but without history or change log as to what was done to the site before I got there."

"There’s nothing I love more than optimizing a page and if it’s a troubled site, weighed down with various technical issues, the sooner I find the issue or series of issues, the quicker the fun can begin for me.”

SEO Rockstars is an underground SEO conference that started in 2012 as a response to the Google Penguin update that rolled out in April of that year.

The conference is the brain child of Dori Friend, who runs the original SEO Testing Group now called SEO Intel. She is also the founder of SEONitro and PageOneEngine.

“SEO Rockstars in 2012 was my first SEO conference. We had all gotten hit by Penguin and we didn’t know what was at cause in the beginning. Dori had been holding webinars online and sharing what she noticed. Then she organized this event so we could try to figure this out together,” she continued.

An attendee every year since, Holzman has presented at Rockstars several times. Her first was called “Weeblys Gone Wild” which was a forensic exploration of a complex stacking of Weebly built sites and most recently on “Alexa:The future of on-demand audio” which included her method for Alexa optimizations that helps podcasters rank highly on the platform.

Requests to share her methods of forensic discovery, Holzman developed a live 4-week Forensic SEO training for SEO professionals which she held in early 2022. Future trainings are planned for early 2023.

Details about SEO Rockstars and getting tickets to attend can be found at the SEO Rockstars website.

For more information on Carolyn Holzman’s testing and research, check out her daily Youtube reports on her indexation research project, Crawl or No Crawl or catch her weekly podcast “Confessions of an SEO” wherever podcasts are available.


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