Etana Custody Explains the Reasons Why Investment Professionals Need Crypto Custody Providers

Denver, Colorado -

Etana Custody, a global custodian company headquartered in Denver, CO, has recently published a blog post that explains the reasons why it is important for investment professionals to use a crypto custodian. It is important to note that, according to a recent Bitwise survey, more than 90 percent of the clients of financial advisors have asked about digital assets, and more than half of these advisors expect this interest in digital assets to continue and even increase in the near future. However, 59 percent of these financial advisors have noted that all or some of their clients, who are investing in crypto, were doing it on their own through self-custody wallets or exchange platforms. Thus, a crypto-friendly custody solution may be helpful for financial advisors who expect to offer their services to the emerging digital asset investor category.

Investment professionals and financial advisors can enjoy several benefits when they work with a digital asset or crypto custodian. One important benefit of employing the services of a regulated crypto custodian is that financial advisors would be able to minimize the regulatory compliance risks that their clients may encounter when they enter the digital asset space. Such risks are possible because of the volatile and fast-changing regulations of the crypto industry. A regulated custodian may help in minimizing such risks from any sudden changes in regulations.

Etana has created specialized technology solutions for the custody of crypto and other digital assets, allowing them to serve clients from more than 100 countries. The crypto custody solution they offer has several features. First of all, they can provide custody, mitigaring risk, for a broad variety of crypto, digital assets, and G10 Global currencies. Second, Etana is an independent, regulated custodian company. Third, they offer a robust custody platform and security that can truly protect personal data and assets. Fourth, clients are able to manage their accounts and transactions in just one place. Fifth, the Etana system allows for quicker and less expensive transfers.

They can also help with crypto custody for individuals, providing unmatched security for their digital assets, and ensuring that these are held and protected from counterparty risk. To provide such security, traditional currencies are kept in insured banks while digital assets are kept in depositories that are System and Organization Controls (SOC) framework. SOC2 - certified

The crypto custodian services they offer provide protection against theft, loss of access, and business failure. The custody services protect the crypto, and digital and traditional assets from theft and hacking by providing an extra layer of security. Meanwhile, the private keys, which are used to get access to the digital assets, are stored by applying Etana’s secure crypto custody technology. This ensures that the investor will not lose access to the crypto assets through a computer failure, accidental deletion, or other incidents. Lastly, in case of a business failure of a crypto exchange or provider, the digital assets kept in Etana can still be accessed.

Founded in 2014, Etana is a chartered trust company that is regulated by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency - Division of Banking. They serve as an independent, qualified custodian, providing worldwide custodial and trade support solutions for investment professionals, exchanges, institutions, and individuals. They offer an industry-leading suite of custody and trade support software for fiat and digital assets offering flexibility and peace of mind to clients. Clients are assured that their assets will always remain secure and protected.

A spokesperson for Etana Custody says, “Our mission is to mitigate counterparty risk, facilitate trade execution, and enable capital efficiencies in the fiat and digital markets. We help our clients achieve this with our industry-leading custody and trade support solutions, allowing clients to manage their assets from one location in a secure environment linked to many service provider options.”

Those wanting to know more about crypto custodian services can check out the Etana Custody website.


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