Bridging the Knowledge Gap: How The Do The Most Conference by Chastin J. Miles Empowers Minority Entrepreneurs in Real Estate

Dallas, Texas -

Nationally recognized real estate entrepreneur, Chastin J. Miles, with CJM International, has successfully concluded the 5th annual "Do The Most Conference" on April 19-20, 2023. This groundbreaking event aimed to bridge the knowledge gap that minority real estate agents and entrepreneurs face when pursuing wealth-building opportunities. By focusing on creating multiple streams of income, attendees have gained access to valuable information that seemed exclusive to a select few in traditional high-level investment circles.

Chastin J. Miles, a dedicated advocate for the empowerment of minorities in the real estate industry, puts in perspective the challenges that these individuals face: "Entrepreneurship is about solving problems, one of those problems being the knowledge gap in our communities." He has taken it upon himself to bring forth change by organizing this exceptional event, based on his own extensive experience and adversities in the industry.

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The conference featured an unrivaled lineup of renowned industry experts, including A&E's Chauncey Pham, HGTV's Nikki Watson, mortgage bank owner Benaisha Poole-Watson, actor Marlon Aquino, "The Iconic Agent" Damon Greene, and real estate social media influencer Bryan Casella. Over the course of two days, these top-tier professionals shared their secrets to financial success and supported the promotion of economic growth and financial independence through real estate.

Miles passionately believes in the power of education: "Education remains essential to success, but too often, the really good education is kept a secret by those at the top. I wanted to change that." It is precisely for this reason that he put together such a star-studded event, ensuring that attendees gain first-hand knowledge from real-world success stories.

The "Do The Most Conference" not only brought together the industry's leading experts but also empowered minority real estate professionals to explore and establish various income streams, thereby promoting wealth-building opportunities. By tapping into their unique qualities and positioning themselves as formidable entrepreneurs, attendees were able to access vital avenues for diversification and wealth creation, which had too often seemed unattainable.

Chastin J. Miles' commitment to democratizing knowledge and access to wealth-building opportunities in the real estate industry continues to invest in the future of minority representation and business growth. His initiatives, like the successful "Do The Most Conference," contribute to the significant change already happening, paving the way for a more equitable market and economy overall.

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About Chastin J. Miles

Chastin J. Miles, CEO of CJM International, LLC, is a nationally recognized real estate entrepreneur, focusing on empowering real estate agents and entrepreneurs alike. Highly regarded for his expertise in the industry, Miles has been featured on various media platforms, including NBC News, Yahoo Finance, The New York Times, and Essence Magazine. With a dedication to bridging the knowledge gap and propelling real estate agents and business owners to financial success, Miles continues to pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future in the world of real estate.


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