Boston Advertising Agency GreenBanana SEO Is Spearheading the Pay For Performance SEO Model

GreenBananaSEO, an advertising agency serving entrepreneurs, creatives, and businesses in and around Boston, is pioneering the Pay For Performance SEO model for its clients.

The Boston SEO agency says that its philosophy of “Page One Or You Don’t Pay” is the basis for its performance-based SEO model. Simply put, if the agency’s work does not result in its clients achieving Page One rankings for their target keywords, the clients don’t have to pay for the optimizations implemented by GreenBanana SEO. This leads to clients benefiting from SEO strategies that are proven to increase their website rankings and traffic, and, consequently, revenue.

The original inspiration for how the Pay For Performance SEO model came to be is evident in the company’s “About Us” page. Co-founder Kevin Roy explains, “When we began this endeavor, the SEO landscape was littered with, what we can best describe as, snake oil salesmen. These “SEO Experts” would wind up their clients with overused buzzwords like “keyword clusters”, “behavior diagnostics”, “search influencers”, and what have you. This method of doing business may have worked for some time as you can fool some people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all the time. GreenBanana SEO was founded as the antithesis to this wave of SEO hucksters with the only goal of getting results. We are laser-focused on performance and building lasting relationships with our clients.”

GreenBanana SEO’s philosophy of results-driven SEO services has resonated with businesses in Boston and nearby areas. The SEO agency has received overwhelming praise for its comprehensive SEO services that have helped its clients get off the ground or completely turned their businesses around. On its Google Business Profile, the company has an impressive overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 from nearly 20 reviews. Clients praise the company’s emphasis on data analysis, the creativity of its SEO experts, and its ability to stick to deadlines.

One reviewer says, “I've worked with GreenBanana for the better part of 10 years. Whether it's helping to launch an airline, a car, a B2B product, or a consumer product, they always over-deliver. They obsess over analytics and maximize every working dollar for campaigns of any size.”

Another client writes, “As editor and publisher of The Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin, I enthusiastically recommend Kevin Roy and his team. Their consulting help on our website is highly effective, priced commensurate with results, and, importantly, explained clearly to non-technical clients like me.”

GreenBanana SEO has been offering SEO services in Boston and nationwide for over 14 years. As a leading Boston creative and digital ad agency, the company’s range of services includes Pay For Performance SEO, display advertising, content marketing, connected TV (OTT), multi-channel programmatic, video marketing, marketing automation, geo-fencing, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Pay Per Click marketing, web development, UI testing, social media marketing including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok, email marketing, Craigslist auto feed, backend development, and more.

“We have a holistic campaign and go-to-market strategy that has yielded great dividends for hundreds of our clients so far,” Kevin says, “We start by understanding your unique business model and advertising goals. No company is the same and everybody has something unique to offer. Next, we improve your website’s or landing page’s lead capture abilities and install transparent detailed conversion tracking through your Google Analytics account. Once that is set up, our in-house, certified SEO specialists build out and manage your campaign. You will get a custom reporting dashboard to track orders, leads, forms, phone calls, and more so that you know exactly how effectively our SEO strategies are working. We also believe that “Set it and Forget it” does not work with SEO and we aim for continuous conversion optimization of your web presence that we will update you about in monthly calls.”

Readers can contact the Boston advertising agency at (978) 338-6500 to schedule a consultation and get started with its range of SEO service offerings.


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