After Arriving “Broken,” Man Says Psyclarity Health’s Massachusetts Facility for Men Put Him on the Path to a Better Life

Saugus, Massachusetts -

Saugus, Massachusetts — A man who said he came to Psyclarity Health “spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally broken” is praising the help he got at the inpatient rehab facility for men.

In a recent 5-star Google review, Jeff said it’s “mind-blowing” what the staff at Psyclarity Health can do for its clients in just a matter of weeks. He thanked individual staff members, including nurses and case workers, and admitted that he appreciated an employee who called him out about not making it to morning meditation — and said he now meditates and prays on a daily basis.

Mens Addiction Treatment Center in Massachusetts

“That man changed my life, my perspective, and showed me how to remain humble and grateful!” he wrote.

Jeff also applauded the work of his psychotherapist and the other “incredible” staff members, adding that with his help at Psyclarity, he is now taking college classes and found a full-time job he loves.

Jeff is among the many men who have left glowing reviews of Psyclarity Health’s inpatient rehab in Massachusetts, a unique male-only facility that offers private and confidential addiction treatment programs with gender-responsive help for the clients who stay there.

Whether it’s detox, rehab, or other supporting therapies, Psyclarity Health is recognized as a top place in Massachusetts for men to get the individually-tailored help they need to overcome drug or alcohol addiction and achieve lasting recovery. For more information, call 855-924-5320.

Psyclarity Health is a nationwide network of facilities that offer private, professional behavioral health care and cutting-edge drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs to a wide range of clients. The network includes a male-only inpatient rehab in Saugus, Massachusetts, a mental health clinic in Los Angeles, California, an outpatient addiction treatment facility in Norwood, New Jersey, and an outpatient mental health clinic in San Diego, California.

Psyclarity is known for its strong team of staff members and therapists who provide the evidence-based therapies that clients need to achieve recovery and get back on the path to a better life. For more information, visit


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