Switch Joy-Con lawsuit decided in Nintendo's favor

About a year ago, we reported on a class-action lawsuit put in motion by two families against Nintendo over the Switch Joy-Cons’ drift issues. Gamers have been struggling with these for years now, but this particular case didn’t actually hinge on that debate. Instead, Nintendo argued that the lawsuit could not proceed due to the Switch’s EULA (End User License Agreement) which forces parties to enter into legal arbitration rather than file a lawsuit for any complaints.

The two families argued that their children who were affected by the issues were too young to be bound by the EULA. However, a federal judge in California has decided differently. According to the ruling, the parents are the true owners of the Switch consoles in question, and the kids’ ages have nothing to do with it. As a result, the families’ complaint has been denied.

As of now, Nintendo has yet to face any serious consequences for faulty Joy-Cons, in spite of a fair amount of backlash. Click here if you’d like to read this particular case document in full.